Have no fear of perfection. You'll never reach it.

– Salvador Dali

Cupcake Catharsis (Premiere Pro Animation)

Ever get an idea you just can’t let go of? Well, in the process of working on our next Premiere Pro tutorial we got a little side-tracked. The result… for good or bad… is “Cupcake Catharsis”, a Premiere Pro animation.

And, truth be told, we also wanted to jump on the YouTube Shorts train.

One royalty free stock photo. A copyright free music clip. And an irate, but awesome, dancing cupcake. Animated entirely in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020. No After Effects. No motion graphics templates. But a boatload of keyframes, way too many stacked video tracks, and a surprising number of masked and nested clips.

This video includes the following free photo by Marianna OLE from Pexels: